UFO Angels Travel at the Speed of  Light  -  One day is equal to a 1000 (light) years
Ancient final day evidence how to travel the speed of light can now be found in the ancient psychic library of  knowledge.
Einstein, Newton, and Aristotle were  great inventors who documented  how they used the  psychic library of  knowledge.
                 A photon of  light  travels from the  sun  to the  earth in 8 minutes using Electro Magnetic Propulsion.
                            UFO  Angels Ancient hidden evidence of  light in the Bible and openly in India scriptures.
                            Revelation 21:9-22
          12 Point Bible  Decoding  Circle Clues
Wall had 12  Gates, with 12 Angels, the  12 Tribes
12 gates, 3 on east, 3 on North, 3 on south, 3 west
City had 12 fountains, 12 Apostles name,12  pearls
12 gemstones on the 12 foundations, 144 was man
  The 12 house astrology Circle is the Bible Code.
 12 manner of fruit on tree of life. Revelation 22:2
        Jesus had 12 Disciples, Moses 12 Tribes
                          12  Days of  Christmas
        Bible Verses are  Ancient UFO Evidence.
Son of man in clouds with his angels. Mark 13:24-26
         Jesus carried up into heaven. Luke 24:51
 Humans have to be Born Again in the Resurrection
       to enter the Kingdom of God. Matthew 22:30
                                                            Secret History of  Ancient Religious Astrologers
        Spanish Monks in 1823  created the Cherokee Indian alphabet symbols using the 12 point decoding circle.
                 Secret history of ancient religious astrologers created and changed the Russian alphabet in 1917.
                                                   Bible Astronomy names are written in heaven by UFO Angels
           Stars and planets in heaven were created from the beginning are used as the names of those elect who’s
     names will be written in the book of life for the final day apocalypse than gathered together by the UFO Angels.
                                                        UFO Angels Final Day Ancient Bible Verses Evidence                                            
Bible verse evidence  becomes final day  UFO  evidence,  revealed as final day  Bible evidence  using  UFO Angels.
UFO Angels final day bible verse evidence  described the final day proof  as no more earth in a lake of burning fire.
When will the world end was answered by Jesus : No One Knows the Final Day but the Father Who Art in Heaven.

                   Ancient Final Day Bible Evidence - There will be no Rapture on the Final Day
     Mark 13:24-31 - Luke 17:34-36  (St. Matthew 24:29-41) II-Peter 3:3-13 - Matthew 5:17-19
             After the Tribulations for the final day, Sun shall be darkened and moon not give light
        Stars shall be shaken and fall from heaven, Son of Man will be seen in Heaven in the clouds
             He will send his Angels to gather all of the elect. Heaven and Earth shall Pass Away.
                   Ancient UFO Angels - Religious Moral Values - UFO Bible Evidence
           Ancient UFO Angels resurrected for Jesus at end of times, Daniel books were opened Rev. 20:12
     Ancient UFO Angels history had religious moral values used with the ancient Jewish money changers.
  Alphabets were a secret code used by Jewish money changers, secret society activities beyond the Bible.

                        Awakening Series evidence expose ancient UFO Angels Religious Connection.       
    The All Seeing Eye revealed the Ancient Works by UFO Angels while the Eye of  God over looked the
   beginning of the United States as a once Free Religious Moral Nation, now returning to a final day evil.
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Ancient Astrologers
                        Religious End Times  Bible Verses are now Final Day Verses
The King James Bible is now published in English across all nations for the final day.
Than assemble all the kingdoms and devour all the earth with fire. Zephaniah 3:8, 9
Bible verses are end times final day verses, Book of Daniel opened on Dec. 21 2012 .
Nostradamus prophecy will  all end soon with predictions of dooms day tribulations.
Jesus was born human, Baptized with water and Holy Spirit : gave up holy spirit, resurrected as UFO Angels. John 20:17
When humans become living UFO angels they cannot have children in space and must implant their fertilized eggs into
a living host on the earth such as all the 40,000 BC extinct humanoid creatures, while big foot has to be a rejected host.
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