4004 B.C. TO 2012
       UFO Angels unite Mankind on Earth with Astrology
Bible speaks of  celestial bodies and terrestrial bodies also the
sun, moon, and stars, ones natural body  and  a spiritual body
I Corinthians 15:40,41,51, And for signs and seasons Gen. 1:14
Tree of life  has twelve fruits  one for each month. Rev 22:2,3,4
                             Hunters                    UFO Angels Evidence Revealed                 Disclosure
                                                  UFO Angels returned to Earth to save Mankind                                                 
                                  UFO Angels will gather the Elect on Final day of  Earth.

                                                                   UFO Angels in mass numbers returned to earth in 1947
UFO evidence seen in heaven, on radar  screens and at airports almost every day around the earth, UFO’s made visible to humanoids.
People  who walk out of social clubs see Strange Lights  sitting in the night Sky, while others had observed a  UFO  sitting on the road
in the Michigan lakes areas, on the  road to Chicago  a Large Black Triangle  with  colored  lights on its tips  hovering above the  earth.

                                                               UFO  Angels want humans to believe they are human Angels.
When Jesus sends out  his angels to collect the humans (elect) on the final day what space ships will pick one up, which is more of the
UFO  evidence which UFO hunters  have over looked is revealed in  Book One. The UFO evidence is right in front of  everyone's Eyes.
                  After 1947 UFO  Angels made their spaceships visible to humanoids seen flying out of the earth and into the oceans.
                                                   UFO Angels don’t want humans to be afraid on the final day.  Matthew 24:29
                                                                 Religious Evidence on Earth revealed Bible Warnings
The UFO  Angels became deeply involved in the world wide religious moral values on earth of all mankind using the Holy Bible.
Its written that the UFO Angels will  prepare a new earth for the elected, after the earth has passed away in a lake of melting fire.
              Names are written in heaven and in the book of life of the Holy Bible as they who obey the Commandments.
                      Great empires were built in ancient times so modern researchers could proclaim  and expose all the
                            revealed evidence as modern day technology and engineering for those who will be saved.

                                                                  UFO Angels hidden science in Holy Bible scriptures
UFO disclosure found hidden in the Bible verses reveal ancient UFO Angels evidence hidden in the Holy Bible book  of Numbers.
         Written within the scriptures are UFO Angels hidden messages and warnings discovered using the simple process of
                  the Ancient Astrologers decoding wheel called the Bible Code Circle, UFO Angels hidden science evidence.
      The Holy Bible written with fear of God Warnings evidence for the Final Day Apocalypse and who UFO Angels will save.
All around the  earth  the  alien  evidence was
built as astrology Pyramids, written words are
missing, the UFO  evidence was hidden in the
Holy Bible verses for all  mankind  by  Angels.
Ancient Astrologer
            Spiritual values will Save Mankind
UFO Angels  knew  the only  way  to save all of
Mankind  on earth was to unite them  spiritually.
Lambs name be in their  Foreheads. Rev. 22 :3,4  
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Bible Evidence
                                                      UFO Angels Enlightened End of  Earth Writers of the Bible                                                 
UFO Angels tribulations of the end times are magnetic burst solar flare super storm burning gases, volcano’s, flooding.
The End of the Earth by a Super Nova is hard to realize but information in ancient history has enlightened  all mankind,
cultural similar versions of the same message of the earth burning up in fire or the evil ones thrown into hells pit of fire.
While great civilizations have grown and than vanished off the face of the  earth, one has evidence to prove there were
UFO  Angels presence from the stories of gods and angels in ancient folklore and  art work of flying  objects or UFO’s.
The bible is written  to warn mankind  of the final end of the earth in a burning  fire while  the  angels will save the elect.
    The Holy Bible history began after the King James Bible was printed in English for all Nations.
     Blue  GREEN Red
35,400 Members 74,500
3500  Angstroms 7500
                       Twelve Tribes of Moses Numbers become Six Primary Colors
Twelve Tribes of  Moses are used as scientific numbers for Primary and Secondary Colors - Star of  David.
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