Book Three    Astronomy Science display Earths Motions
  Book Four     First Works  Original  Bible  Code  Circle
  Book Five     The U.S.A. Constitution  With Definitions
               The Great Seal  “The All Seeing Eye”  UFO
Bible Code Circle - Decoding Hidden Secrets
Page 3
          Book One Reveals
251 pages with over 140 Pictures.
Black and White drawings reveal  
Bible Code Circles with alphabets

          Book Two  Reveals
200 pages with 100 color pictures
India art and Compass directions.   
760ad Aztec Sun Stone Compass.
Ancient UFO science Key all
Seeing Eye of Horus psychic
powers  is a  reflection  of the
bible code circle  first used in
Ancient Egypt with their sky
Hawk  Gods  watching  earth.
Ancient UFO science of light
The Eagle soars  high in  the
sky like an angel of Jesus and
observe  all  life on the earth.
UFO Connections  made with
Psychic  powers  and Angels
decide  the  names  written  in
Heaven for the Final Days of
the Earth,  Ancient UFO  Key.
           Luke 17:34-37
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      Awakening Series (1+2)
Bible  Code  Circle has  revealed
Electrical   Mechanical  Designs.
Scientific Numbers of  Colors are
in Bible verses Book of Numbers.
Morse  Code  and  Braille circles.
I - Ching  -  64 Hexagram  Circles.
Tarot  cards  four season layout.
All  Alphabets  were  created on
a decoding circle,  See  Page  Six.
What event in
history repeats
every 6600 years.
4004 BC Beginning of Time
End of Time  Dec. 21 2012
     Spectrum of Sunlight
3500A     Angstroms     7500A
Precession 26,000 years
     UFO Science
           Awakening Series
       PDF Book Descriptions
         Books contain easy to see and understand science.
  Awakening Series First Book
    Bible Code  Circle  artwork  displays
    the  Alphabets and Number Systems,
    Sign Language,  Morse Code, Braille.
     I Ching  64  Hexagrams, Tarot Cards
     Kabbalah, are 12 months of Astrology.

 Awakening Series Book Two
 760ad Aztec Sunstone mariners compass,
 compass designs on 1870 Japanese coins
  India Religious Art, World capital Domes.
 Tarot Cards Mah Jongg ancient astrology.
 Bible Code Circle  decodes  Bible Verses.

Awakening Series  Reveal  Ancient  UFO Science
Awakening Series evidence found in ancient Religious Books.
Spectrum of Sunlight revealed with the UFO Bible Code Circle.
Alphabet circle on page six  revealed ancient alphabet designs.
Awakening Series Books display how numbers were designed
Book of Daniel open, Bible Code Circle reveals hidden science.
      Bible Code Circle
   UFO technology of
  Ancient   Astronauts.
Awakening Series Books
   reveal science of light.
        Holy Bible Key
Bible Code Circle Proof
       The  Awakening Series
Dec. 21, 2012  Time of  the  End.
Awakening Series Books (1+ 2)
reveal  ancient  UFO Astronaut
     Science and Alphabets  
 BLUE      GREEN        RED
35,400     members       74,600
   Twelve Tribes of Moses
Numbers become Six Colors
used as  the  Star of  David.
Bible Code Circle Decodes
Bible verse  numbers have
 Science hidden in them.
    UFO science of light
         Hidden  for  the
            End of Time
         Time  of  the  End
     Book of Daniel opened
   Bible code circle revealed
Awakening Series Evidence
Reveal Ancient UFO Science
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      Read the noted Bible Verses.
Aztec Sunstone has a 32 point
mariners compass craved on it.
World  Religious  Domes  and
 Capital  Domes are Designed
 as a 16 point  Compass  rose.
 India Gods religious art have
 8 or 16 point compass  roses.  
Awakening Series Book Pictures reveal their UFO Origin.
Bible Code Circle is as old as the Egyptian scroll secrets.
    Bible is a Reference Book