Last Ancient Astrologer
 (Read the UFO Bible Verses)
                Revelation 22:16           
Bible Code Circle  revealed Light as
UFO hidden science and technology
written into the Old Testament books
which are a guide when Jesus Christ
revealed he was the light of mankind
“I am the Bright and Morning Star”
and  the wise ones shine forth as the
Brightness of  the  Firmament  (Sun),
who have ears, to hear  and can  see
science  of  light in the  bible verses.
End of Time  Bible verses hidden  in
the books of  Numbers  revealed the
Twelve tribes of  Moses members are
numbers used as angstroms for the
measurement of  the six  light colors.
Matthew 25:32,33,34,41  Mark 13:31
              Daniel 12:3,4,7,9,13        
Ancient prophesy of Human Angels
resurrected, help Jesus save all men.   
On final day Bible is published  in all
nations in a pure language, English.
Daniel's book of knowledge opened,
UFO science create world alphabets.
Old Testament angels close Daniel's
UFO books to the  time of the end,
as Dec. 21, 2012 was the end of time.
The Bible code circles of  12, 10, 9, 8
designed the world number systems.
UFO Messages to Mankind revealed
Astronomy Charts  and the planets.
Predestinated Apocalypse of earths
final day verses reveal a lake of fire.
             II-Peter 3:6,7,10,12
            UFO Science Revealed
        Spectrum of Sun Light Colors
     Revealed in old testament books
 Twelve Tribe Member Numbers are
used as angstroms of light measurement.
(Awakeningseriesufo / .Com and .Net )
Bible Verses  hide UFO Messages.
Ancient psychic astronauts used
astrologers to hide UFO science
in The Bible Book of  Numbers
using the  Bible  Code  Circle.

Alphabet symbols were created
around the Bible Code Circles.
The Holy Bible was used as a
Secret UFO reference for the
End of Time Revelation Proof.

The Holy Kabbalah,I Ching and
Tarot cards are  basic astrology
revealed with  the  circle codes.

The Lord said Man has become
as  One of  Us,  to  know good
and  evil,  he  ate fruit  from  the
Tree of  Life.  Genesis 3:22, 2:9
12 manner of fruit on tree of life
one for each month. Rev. 22:2  
UFO Books Bundled  
                       Hidden Science
                   Evidence Revealed
    Holy Bible
                 Spectrum of Sunlight
Bible Code Circle
           Scientific Designs Revealed              
  Aztec Sun Stone
                   32 Point Compass
     India Artwork
                    Compass Designs
                          UFO Aliens
Awakening Series Books (1+2)
reveal UFO science hidden in
the Book of Numbers using the
Bible Code Circle revealed the
ancient human astronaut science

The 12 tribes of  Moses member
numbers when written around a
Bible  Code  Circle become the
Six  Primary Colors of  Sunlight
Numbers and  the Star of David.

By 760ad a mariners compass
had been carved on the Aztec
Sunstone as final day evidence.

Daniel’s Prophesy of  the Bible
preached in all nations with the
End of Time tribulations of who
will be saved on the final day fire
Two in field, one elected saved.
Matthew 24:14,15,29,31,35,40
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UFO Science of  the Earth
UFO’s returned in 1947
for the  End of Time on
       Dec. 21 2012